White Long Sleeves Blouse And Black Classic Lolita Skirt LD00196

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This specific Cotton White Long Sleeves Blouse And Black Classic Lolita Skirt has completely sophisticated, stylish and grown-up design and style. It will be ideal for dinner party, ball party, surprise party, marriage-related parties or even just after-party. Lolita is a person who would strive to look elegant, almost resembling a Victorian doll or a Victorian person. Achieve your cuteness and become overloaded with fun and excitement as you try the White long sleeves blouse and black classic Lolita Skirt. Having the classic Lolita skirt and a white long sleeves blouse wardrobe are essential tools and a must- have in any wardrobe of a cosplayer and a person who knows the real deal in fashion. These Classic Lolita dresses are god-sends and any self-respecting Lolita fan would certainly place in her wardrobe. So order your best Classic Lolita dress only here in We have the passion to serve you and to create classic Lolita dresses with quality and comfort. We want you to become the best cosplayer that there is with your classic Lolita Dress. Having this type of outfit can actually make you wear a lot of the same stuff, but always look elegant and not like you’re wearing the same outfits over and over again. You could also use your creativity while having just a plain white long sleeves blouse and a black classic lolita skirt by adding accessories and incorporating it into Classic Lolita footwear.

Please check our sizing chart before you do the purchase, we can accept some of the customize size requirements, but please provide us your measurements.

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