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Thief 4 Garrett Cosplay Costume Full Set

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Including:top, pants, vest, belt, arm accessory, Shoes cover, gloves, head accessory,cape.

Fabric: Cotton,Polyester,Faux Leather,Uniform cloth.

In the dark City of the streets and roofs of a figure, he step by step slowly forward, groping … Yes, he is our God. Stealing–garrett, upright thief, stealing for the sake of existence, his behavior is not bound by the law. In this new city full of witchcraft, technology, and force, the corrupt King Gorman ruled. His dark reign permeates every corner of the city, so our Garrett will soon have a new mission …

Eren was originally an orphan and had been pouring tea into the brothel until he grew up. Then she ran out and ran into God steal the Master game series protagonist Garrett, Garrett see her poor took her, and training her to become their descendants. But Eren very rebellious and began to kill, The Apprentice two parted, after a number of things, Eren eventually died.

When Garrett realized that he had begun to fall, he left the city for one years. At the same time, a man named Orion is calling on the poor and hungry to follow the “dark”, so Garrett again began the line of righteousness.

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